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Unlocking hyper-real VR content in six degrees-of-freedom – shot on camera rig or just a simple smartphone.  Standalone VR headsets supported.

Cinemersive Labs enables the next-generation of fully immersive, three-dimensional photography and video for virtual and augmented reality.

Our patent-pending technology allows the acquisition, conversion, processing, storage, and transmission of images and videos in six degrees-of-freedom 3D via two setups:

  • A proprietary, portable rig containing five high-resolution, synchronized cameras calibrated to subpixel-level precision. This pro capture solution enables viewers to be on stage with their favourite rock band in concert in high def, ringside at the big match, or experience totally new forms of filmed entertainment and storytelling that place them right into the middle of the action.

  • Alternatively, our monocular acquisition technology based on a proprietary generative AI approach allows the capture of six degrees-of-freedom 3D photographs and videos using just a single smartphone camera and from as little as a single photograph. A smartphone owner can thereby capture, record, share and re-live memories in full VR immersion – including converting old pictures taken years ago – putting the power of user-generated VR into the hands of millions.

Relive best moments and travel the World by immersing yourself into 3D photographs


Our photo app contains more than 300 three-dimensional 6DoF photos acquired with the camera rig, from single smartphone photographs, and from stock photographs. Thus, a single photograph is enough to build an immersive 3D experience.​​ Ultra-wide cameras of most flagship smartphones are supported. This is made possible by our generative AI technology.

Beta version, 17 Dec 23

Meta AppLab: Meta Quest 2 / Quest 3 required

Screencasts from a Meta Quest 3 headset (Quest 2 also supported). Bottom-left smartphone logo marks 3D photos created from single images.

Enjoy immersive VR videos in full 3D – finally without VR sickness

Cinemersive Videos benefit from full resolution & framerate on-device rendering. Full i.e. six degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) head motion is supported. Our demo includes videos captured with our portable five-camera rig, as well as a 6 DoF video converted from a single smartphone video.


Beta version, 2 Nov 23
Meta AppLab: Meta Quest 2 / Quest 3 required

Screencasts from a Meta Quest 3 headset (Quest 2 also supported).
Videos are paused half-way to demonstrate parallax

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